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Sukisho (Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shōganai!!, 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!!, then 'I like what I like, so there!' in English) began as a visual novel game with light novels and anime having been released. Enjoy it all, and feel free to edit the articles with further details!



Sora Hashiba falls from a window four stories high and loses his memories, including memories of his friends Sunao Fujimori and Matsuri Honjou. The day he is released from the hospital he wakes in the middle of the night to meet a boy named Ran, claiming to be his roommate. The next morning, Sora wakes up to Sunao Fujimori instead, and Matsuri explaining that they used to be best friends. As the two grudgingly begin to reform their friendship, and Matsuri keeps them busy with requests from the do-it-all club, The Jack of All Trades, Sora discovers that he and Sunao have alternate personalities named Yoru and Ran. Somehow, these alternate personalities are connected to Sora's fall, and memories.

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